Citrus Pilates & More Inc. Policies & Procedures

– All participants must remove their shoes upon entering the studio.

– All cellular phones and electronic devices need to be turned off or on silent mode. Smart watches placed on theatre mode.

– Clients should refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, colognes, oils, creams and lotions for safety and allergy avoidance.

– Clients are responsible for proper hydration before, during and after exercise and/or massage services.

– Informed consent for exercise and/or massage therapy must be signed before participation in any activity can begin or before massage services are provided.

– Clients must provide a list of any physical problems, including allergies, which may be aggravated by exercise or massage therapy determined by you or your doctor.

– Clients must agree to notify the instructor or massage therapist before your class, session or massage treatment of any new physical problems, changes in medication or any situation that may affect your ability to exercise or receive massage therapy.

– The teacher or LMT may decide to not exercise a participant or provide massage services because it appears that it may be compromising their health or safety.

– Clients agree that their appointment begins at the scheduled time, if they are late for an appointment no additional time will be added and the appointment will end at the normal session time.

– In order to receive a discount per class or semi private/private session, participants may purchase a series of pre-paid classes or sessions. Please make sure you understand the expiration dates on each series.

– All pre-paid classes and private/semi-private sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable, with the exception of situations involving medical emergencies or disabilities.

– Clients who are unable to attend their regularly scheduled private session or massage appointment due to illness or other emergencies must cancel 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment to prevent full charges and to re-schedule their session or massage appointment.

– Clients who are unable to attend their group class should cancel 12 hours in advance to prevent full charges.

– Clients who fail to notify their Pilates teacher or LMT of cancellation and no show 2 sessions or massage appointments will be charged for all missed appointments that had no cancellation notice and will not be scheduled for future appointments without pre-payment.

– All payments are due at time of service. Massage Therapy services billed to insurance must be paid in full at time of service by client. A refund will be issued to client when insurance payment is received. Client acknowledges that it could be 90 days or more before insurance may send payment and a refund can be issued. If insurance payment is sent directly to client from insurance company, no refund will be issued.

– Solicitation of any kind is prohibited.

– Solicitation of a sexual nature will result in prosecution and termination of client accounts, appointments and forfeiture of any prepaid sessions. We take this matter very seriously. Don’t even think about it.

– Harassment of any kind against Citrus Pilates & More Inc. staff or clients will not be tolerated and will result lifetime termination of services of Pilates or Massage.